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Arsenal Filmreihe / Arsenal Film Series

Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V., Potsdamer Str. 2, 10785 Berlin
Filmreihe / Film Series: I Went To The Zoo The Other Day › Website
20. – 28. Mai / May 20th – 28th 2009

20. Mai / May 20th 2009
I Went To The Zoo The Other Day, (R: Luo Li, Kanada 2009)
Einführung / Introduction: Friedrich Weltzien › PDF

21. Mai / May 21th 2009
One Man Village, (R: Simon El Habre, Libanon 2008)
Einführung / Introduction: Antonia Ulrich › PDF

23. Mai / May 23th 2009
Back to God’s Country, (R: David Hartford, Kanada 1919)
Hosted by famous silent movie expert Miss Vaginal Davis. On the piano: Eunice Martins

27. Mai / May 27th 2009
The Muzzled Horse of an Engineer in Search of Mechanical Saddles, (R: Khavn De La Cruz, Philippinen 2008)
Einführung / Introduction: Malte Kleinwort › PDF

28. Mai / May 28th 2009
Sweetgrass (R: Lucien Castaing-Taylor und Ilisa Barbash, USA 2009)
Einführung / Introduction: Jens Eder

Many thanks to Stefanie Schulte-Strathaus, Birgit Kohler and Annette Lingg for curating the film program and for the cooperation.